About Us

Hey There!

My name is Taylor, my friend Justin and I, along with my brother Brad, helped start the Ohio Grit Clothing Brand. Ohio Grit was started with one goal in mind: to serve others. All three of us grew up in Hartville, a cozy little town in northeast Ohio. We love this state through and through, our people, our sports, and of course, our grit.

So how was the idea for Ohio grit born?

 I always had a dream of starting my own business, and always hoped someday it would come into fruition. We( Justin & I) are currently a students in Columbus Ohio, and we wanted to find a way to serve our fellow students and friends in C-bus. Brad and I then collaborated and decided that it would be awesome if we could rep the great state of Ohio, while at the same time furthering the reach of the movement in India that Brad will be a part of. The idea of a shirt brand came alive. 

 Brad and his wife Kami are living in India, and have lived there since the beginning of 2018. Brad works with an organization called Freeset, which is an organization in Kolkata. Freeset's mission is to help trafficked women start a new life. One of the ways that they do this is by giving them a new job, which includes sewing handmade shirts. Brad's wife Kami will be the director of a new daycare and preschool center for the children of women who are still in the brothels.  These are marginalized, neglected, and downtrodden women and children. 

 So where does Ohio grit fit into that story? Ohio Grit currently is working to obtain the organic cotton shirts made by these formerly trafficked women, giving more opportunities for others to also be freed. Ohio Grit is meant to give everyone a chance to be able help women that are on the opposite side of the world. People that have no way of ever reaching these parts are now able to make a difference in each of these women lives.